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Friday, December 17, 2004

1st cpt project ... waiting ...

still waiting for adeline to email me my project-draft wif all her corrections & additional words & sentences to make them 1000 words & above ... osso ... in a way i really dun wanna copy from other people's references via da internet too ... coz dats plagarism ... & i dunnoe if it's allowed on tis 1st assignment ... or issit on da last project of which we are gonna submit ... still ... i would really have prefer to do it without copying from references if i can ... not to mention wif da help of other people like mother's former colleagues like adeline & huiying too ... yeppp ... but of coz copying is all right ... juz dun let it be too similar dats all ...

project's dateline will be on da 10th of january 2005 ... monday ... will i be able to continue to complete da question of which i am still left unfinished whilst awaiting for adeline's email ... or will i change it to another question of which i might need to copy-referenced from da internet & might even end up getting a failed grade?

whether if i am really gonna become a child-care teacher one day or i may not ... still tis is sumthing which spices up da challenging-spirit inside of me to wanna give it my best shot these dayz ... maybe tis is da ONLY thing which really keeps me going in life besides promptings from da LORD ... without too much of lethargy ... tiredness ... lazyness & nonchalance ...

attitude ... afterall ... is EVERYTHING!!!

what kindda attitude do you have today in pertaining to your life & motto?


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