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Sunday, October 31, 2004

bandwidth exceeded ...

haizzzzz ... dat favourite template blog of mine by xdiorangelx said dat da bandwidth was exceeded wadever dat meant ... thus hv to painstakingly search for another blog template again ... changed 2 of hers' templates into sumthing else wad to do ... tis twinkle twinkle lil' star is da latest den ... let's prayerfully hope dat these nice-nice template wun gimme any more problems again ... amen & amen **crossing my fingers**

hmmmm ... funni how come da other template of tis angel gal are okies xcept da "doggie" & da "my favourite geteway" one eh ... so unfair man ... especially da "my favourite getaway" wan ... it is really one of my bestest favourite blog template & now i really bo-pian hv to change it to a 2nd best template seemingly ... wasted soooooooooo much of my precious time searching for another kewl template .... whilst i could hv do more housework or watch more live! services via chc ... so was dat "woof woof" template too ... bandwidth exceeded laaa ... haizzzz ... wad can i say ... to a true-blue blogder ... it's kindda a cruel treatment siaaaa ...


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